Warmest welcome to you! I'm Shaula Safira. I am a proud Indonesian currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to pursue my degree. This blog is my personal little therapy since I found writing is therapeutic and no matter how hard I'm trying to get away from it, I just could not and always go back to it.  I owned 3 diaries in my elementary school days and I wrote stories back then and share it with friends, although if I read it back now, I would be ashamed on how "imaginative" I was.

I'm still having journals for scrapbook and daily stories and I keep buying new notebooks. However, as we now live in a digital era, the scrapbook that I used to write changed to Pinterest, and the diary I used to write, I found it easier to type it. And I found, having a biscuit only by myself is lonesome. So I was thinking if I have one story that inspired me and changed the way I see the world, why don't I share it to others so everyone can benefits?

This blog has been changing from time to time, and that's all we are. We keep finding new things, new perspectives, and we keep changing how we perceive the world -- and that can come from a book that we read, people that we meet, or even song that we hear. Here, in this blog, I write about my journal of faith and happiness, little things that make me happy, things that I like, something new that I learned, or just a simple conversation that I found insightful. Hope you're enjoying the journey too!

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